• Founded by Randon Romero Williams over a decade ago, our company is enriched by family ownership and operation which embodies our values of strength, service, performance and passion which has contributed significantly to the progressive growth and success of our company.
  • In 2005, Stepladder Construction started as a small, family business that handled mostly residential remodeling projects and renovations. The company quickly expanded to include commercial renovations and subcontracting to now handling full scale development, design and builds. The company has grown leaps and bounds over the last several years attracting expert construction professionals with diverse backgrounds forming a team that has become one of metro Detroit's most sought after firms.



  • To provide top-quality construction projects based on a unique design approach which are guaranteed to deliver residential and commercial projects featuring signature paint, flooring, tile, specialty lighting and other interior/exterior details that home and building owners will be proud to showcase.
  • Stepladder Construction is not afraid to take on difficult projects that other contractors would steer clear of. The company is dedicated to the rebuilding of Downtown Detroit and expanding that development into the surrounding neighborhoods and other communities.



  • To offer a premier building and construction experience using quality materials to deliver superior craftsmanship and stimulating architectural solutions.
  • To build residential and commercial projects from the ground up (including all interior and exterior details) working with architects, design firms and developers.
  • To significantly expand into the commercial, industrial, and residential building contracting markets to improve profit margins and increase local market share.
  • To become a premier contributor to developing neighborhoods in the City of Detroit and across America.

Our Founder

As an experienced, ambitious professional; Romero Williams combines his wealth of experience and skill to create a peerless force in both design and construction.  Practically growing up in the industry, his knowledge and experience was primarily gained through hands on field experience beginning at just 9 years old. Prior to starting his company, Romero spent time training and working for industry leaders in the state of Michigan. With all this experience and expertise, Romero felt that it was time to start his own company. Over the last several years, Stepladder has grown into a respected firm providing quality design concepts, construction as well as major interior renovation and exterior restoration. Romero has extensive knowledge of all phases of construction.  However; his true passion lies in design conceptualization. From space planning to full scale project design, Romero offers a range of services to help clients bring their ideas to life. His extensive resume includes work with local churches, restaurants, apartment buildings, private companies and countless residences including the homes of celebrities and professional athletes.  His work has earned praise not only from satisfied clients, but also from peers and colleagues in the industry.