At Stepladder Construction we pride ourselves on our keen ability to understand Owner’s expectations and recommend the proper delivery method. There are a number of project delivery methods with multiple versions within each method. Each approach has its place in the market and some are more conducive to certain types of Owners. Our talents are best utilized when engaged early in the process.

Stepladder Construction has successfully managed projects under each of the delivery approaches. In each approach estimating, value engineering, scheduling, constructability reviews, and construction planning will occur but depending on the delivery approach may occur during different time frames and may be more or less impactful for the Owner and design professionals.


Construction Management

Construction management is a delivery approach that involves the contractor during the design activities.

  • With this approach, the Owner will bring the contractor on board at a same time as the design professionals. The contractor is responsible to help manage the design and coordinate every portion of the project process. The CM approach reduces the time it takes to get to the construction phase and assures cost is within the Owners budget.

General Contracting

General contracting is a construction delivery approach that starts normally after the design has been completed.

  • The Owner or his agent will issue the documents for competitive bid to various general contractors for the purposes of securing a lump sum price to manage and build the project for the scope indicated in the bid documents.

Design / Build

Design / Build is a construction delivery approach similar to the CM approach except the Owner will award the Design and Construction to a single source.

  • The D / B contractor will be responsible to employ the design professionals best suited for the project. This approach significantly reduces the design and construction time frames and simplifies the line of communication in a streamlined approach.